If you’re having trouble getting good returns on the content you’re producing for your different locations, here are a few tips that you can use to properly position your site on the results list.

Keep Your Content Concise

You want to start by making sure that you have content that is directly specific to that locations address.

Your Employees Make the Business

Use the store employees to create a story behind each location. This creates a more personal feel to the content and keeps the reader inspired to keep reading. Having the readers connect to the people who they see in your stores or service locations guarantees that bonds would be made.

Grapevine moving company uses these techiniques perfectly on their sites. You can see the list of the different locations at the botton of the page, and the address for the specific location. You will also find photos and stories about the movers and the equipment.

Sometimes when you’re creating different locations and updating your sites you forget that you make a slight change in the URL for a certain page. You want to make sure you keep this updated so that there is a flow of ease across all content.

A moving company in Nashville with 11 locations has great techniques for getting content for each of the locations. Zeroing in on the special characteristics that make each and every one of the locations unique is what makes the multiple location content successful.

You can even check out their blog to see some of the scenery around the Houston movers location. This blog allows you to get an even more personable feel for each one of the locations without having to even walk into the location.

If you have more than two locations it would be a very good idea to spell out the directions so that the customers can easily navigate to their closest store.

Be Sure to Tie Up Loose Ends

Try using a single phone number with a log of extensions instead of having multiple numbers across a single location.

One other thing to be sure of is to update your closed store pages to discontinue any unnecessary content popping up on results pages.

Simplicity & Specificity

Having a URL specific for each location is key as well. You want to have it where your content is showing up for that local shop so that the customers closest to it don’t go past it because of it’s ranking in the search.

Being sure to keep your content free of clutter and clear cut keywords is essential to creating great content across he web for a business with multiple locations. But it isn’t hard with a bit of good research as well as time to make sure that customers get a seamless experience across all content.