Are you tired to see that little “Made in China” label on everything you buy? From furniture to electronics, the Asian giant has stamped its know-how on everything we buy in America today, and clothing is a great part of their business. Whether you do your shopping on Amazon or in your local mall chances are whatever you get will have that label sewn or stuck to it.

Let’s take a look at shoes for example, a study made in September 2016, showed that 72% of shoes sold in America were made in China, this is the second highest item on the list, the first one being artificial Christmas light.

Still, there are some of us who want to buy local or American made. Guess what? Yes, we can! And it is even possible to do so online. All you have to do is type what you are looking for and add “American made”, this is what I did, I wanted to buy toddler shoes made in america so I wrote leather baby shoes american made, I had 49,200,000 matches for my request on Google, I bought handmade baby moccs for my niece.

I can see you frowning, don’t worry Etsy is not the only site to buy toddler shoes made in America, you are going to be surprised, a lot of people feel the same way you do about work conditions in other countries, protecting US jobs and let’s not forget being somewhat assured regarding the origins and treatment of the materials used.

My nephew was so jealous of his sister’s shoes that I decided to check if I could find online stores to buy from, so, I typed the same words I did before and took the time to scroll down Google’s results page and bought my little nephew his own pair of leather moccs.

For those who don’t have time to waste searching the internet for the right site I found a couple of list that I thought were right on target, I am sure there are many more out there but I liked these.

So here is the first link to a list of online stores and shoemakers that are US based:

USA Love List, the author even explains how some brands have several lines of shoes made outside the US and some that are made inside. She gives tips on how to check the difference and links to do your shopping online.

I found another article with the list of 100+ brands that create and sell American made products, in this list you will find shoes, furnitures, tools and many more items, the author also provides the links to shop online.

Of course, the price I paid for my little relatives shoes is not as competitive as some of the Chinese made shoes, yes some, let’s not forget that there is a huge amount of brandname shoes made outside of the land of the free that will cost you more than “homemade” and/or handmade baby moccs.

So, go on your computer, type the magic words made in America and shop for your “homemade” shoes, you’ll see there are great products out there, sure it’s going to take a little more time and maybe a little more money but you will feel so proud after.