What You Should Look For In The Best Wedding Photographers In Austin


Your wedding day will most likely be the most important & positive turning point in your entire life. As such, this event should be captured professionally and the good memories preserved for life. This is why you need the services of accomplished best wedding photographers in Austin.

Here are the traits you should look in a professional wedding photographer in Austin to ensure your ceremony gets high quality coverage:

1. Personality

Since the day of your wedding will be your time to shine & have things go as you have planned, this needs to be reflected in the photos as well. Your wedding photographer should therefore be able to pay attention to your dislikes as well as likes and go on accordingly. Your photographer should be friendly since he would have to meet and associate with many different people during the wedding ceremony.

2. Your wedding photographer should also possess a combination of skill, experience and natural talent. Have it in mind that not all professional photographers specialize in weddings- some specialize in covering social events, others do studio portrait and others do photojournalism. Pick a photographer who specializes in covering wedding occasions so that you can rest assured that your photos will turn out amazing.

3. Focus

While the day of your wedding may be a blessing to you & your bride, it’ll be a very busy day for your photographer. Your photographer should therefore be capable of maintaining focus and attention throughout the day without becoming tired or being carried away. This way he will make sure that every moment of the ceremony is covered.

4. Good reputation

Honest reviews from past clients give a better insight of a wedding photographer’s quality of service. You can ask for references and follow up the leads, asking about the experiences other clients had.

5. Creativity

A wedding photographer should be highly creative and innovative in his approach to give high quality images on this special day. Your photographer should have an eye for lighting & landscape & should be capable of manipulating them.

6. Attitude

Your photographer will be required to spend time with many people from different backgrounds. He should therefore be able to mingle freely with people. He should also be able to control his temper, even if the working environment isn’t conducive. Keep in mind that happy photos capture happy moments than sad ones.


The best wedding photographers in Austin should have the above discussed traits. These traits play a significant role in producing great images for you and your bride to cherish for the rest of your lives. Visit 1840 for pricing

Horse Barn Remodeling 101

Horse Barn Remodeling 101

Horse rearing is not an activity that started recently. In the continental United States, horse rearing dates back to pre-colonial period when the Red Indians reared horses. However, the practice of constructing horse barns was brought to America by the settlers, who felt a need to house their horses from various threats. As a result, there are many barns in the United States that are very old. In many cases, such barns are simply destroyed and new ones constructed. In cases where horse rearing, which of late has become very expensive, is ended, such barns are simply demolished.

Despite these sad endings to a culture of horse barns, there are many ways in which old barns can be made useful again. Barns can be remodeled into newer and modern barns or into some other form of structure such as residential houses, warehouses, garages or even business premises. The process of remodeling will always vary from one barn to another, but there are several steps that will have to be undertaken across the board, the age or new purpose of the barn notwithstanding. These steps can be considered as horse barn remodeling 101.

The first step is to evaluate the work that needs to be done. This will involve a review of the current status of the old barn stalls and other equipment and see what needs to be removed and what needs to be added. This can be done individually, or alternatively an expert can be hired to provide professional advice. It is from this evaluation that estimates of cost and time will be made. Designs of the remodeled barn will also be developed, keeping in mind the needs of the new user of the barn. At the successful completion of the review, a determination should be made on whether professionals will be hired to carry out the work or whether it will be done by the owner.

It is horse barn remodeling 101 that demolition will occur in almost all barn remodeling projects. Demolition of the parts of the barn that are not needed will be carried out. Care should be taken to ensure that parts of the barn that need to be preserved are not destroyed or damaged during the demolition stage. At this point, rental dumpsters will be hired to ferry away the garbage that will have been generated. Hiring professional dumpsters to dispose of such garbage makes the work of remodeling easier.

The bulk of the work involves the actual construction to bring out the new function of the barn. It is highly recommended that experts be hired for this work. They will ensure both compliance to law and standards, ultimately making sure that the remodeled barn is both safe and comfortable for use. This stage may also involve several parties such as architects, construction contractors and interior designers.

At the end of the remodeling project, landscaping may be needed if the remodeled barn is to be used for purposes other than horse rearing. Landscaping will involve moving huge piles of earth and garbage, and once again, the services of rental dumpsters will come in handy. All the dirt that is generated at this stage will need to be disposed in a manner that is compliant with environmental laws and other regulations. Rental dumpsters will know how to carry out the activity without violating any regulations. The remodeled barn will now be ready for occupation.

Barn remodeling may involve more activities complex than explained here. However, the process described above covers the basics of the process. These are simply the major steps that will be undertaken.